Katmandu gold


Katmandu Gold is an upcoming casino game coming out from a land-based business in Nepal. This game will be the first one of its kind to offer a real cash prize in addition to a game play. This gold game is similar to slots but it is not a traditional slots game where the reels spin continuously. Instead, this game spins once for each face value while the player waits for their turn to come up. The player has a limited amount of time to complete their action after which all spins are stopped and the jackpot prize is given away. Once the player enters the “play now” mode, the game will continue like a traditional slot machine.

Unlike other slots machines that have an annoying sound or a flickering screen to distract you from your enjoyment, the Katmandu Gold slot machine is played from a unique sound and graphical interface. The basic game play consists of black or green squares that represent the different coins on the coin reel. The player makes their bet by pushing one of the squares for that particular combination until their finger reaches a colored circle on the corresponding square. The colors of the squares are used to differentiate between which game is being played.

There are a total of nine rows and nine columns in this game. Each row represents a different combination of coins. When the player makes a bet, their symbol is shown on that square. This symbol can change over the course of the game. The 9 rows represent a total of nine combinations that can occur when a bet is made. Combinations are simply combinations of two symbols that occur in the game.