Bompers is the new kid on the block by ELK Studios. Based off of the Monopoly game, Bompers features four different styles of game play. The twist with Bompers lies in the fact that you don’t buy property to place your bets on; rather, you spin the wheels to determine what kind of property you have to get. This means you have to do some market research before you start laying down your money. Based on previous statistics, nearly three quarters of all spins end up being successful, so it’s a good bet if you’re looking for a safe bet.

As with every new game, we are going to give you a little rundown of how you can win big at bompers. The first method of earning winnings is called the Double Bomp. In case you haven’t figured it out already, the objective of this game is to win twice as many coins on a single spin. Since it has a two money per spin pay line, you can pretty much figure out what the odds are. Assuming you get a free spin without dropping any of your bompers, you should easily be able to double your investment in under two minutes flat.

The second method of earning big at bompers involves using the fruit slot machines. Fruit slot games work in pretty much the same way as regular bingo, but since they use actual fruit instead of numbers, it makes it a little easier to tell which buster is coming next. Like with regular bingo, winning here requires careful strategy and quick reflexes. A lot of people like to play fruit slot games because they are a little easier on their pockets!